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Besides selling its own products to anyone is interested in (business-to-consumer), Salento wide web enables everyone of you to become a wholesaler for any store or company dealing with the sale of handicraft products.

Salento wide web turns to any dispenser who works in the field of furnishing and furnitures,too. But it turns also to anyone who wants just to make a present of someone or owns some gift shops.

All Salento wide web affiliated companies,with no investment,could be soon in the limelight and could rely on a very good confirmation in imagine and profit.Indeed although dealing with very favourable wholesale price,they could be numbered in a section (it will be opened officially in the early weeks of January 2003)indicating their point of sale (or the link in their site..). Our consumers will be induced to visit you or your site, in order to appreciate and see the beauty and the grade of your products with their own eyes.

We could offer you a further facilitation: we'll share with you the most expensive forwarding costs and we'll reduct for you the prices of our items.

We deal with a new way of cooperation, intended as a team work with no kind of risk.
It's just a great possibility to enlarge your own market and to increase your trade.

In short, here are all the features you should have to co-operate with Salento wide web.

• What about my advantages?
 - First grade Salentine handicraft.
 - More favourable prices.
 - Sharing-out of expensive forwarding costs.
 - Free forwarding costs and further reductions for large orders.
 - Enlargement of your business activity.
 - Use of Salento wide web image to make you known by new potential customers.

• What about my features?
 - To have a goog image.
 - To be upright and motivated.

In order to ask for activating your account company, click on ENTER high up on the right and select the option to become a new consumer. Introduce your own information and click on the square COMPANY ACCOUNT ( in the photo below).

In a very short time you will be called by one of the people responsible of our site who will provide for making your account active. You've to remember that only after this operation you will allowed to know all the wholesale prices reserved to Salento wide web partners.

If you need further information, get in contact with us by filling up the corresponding form, or by sending us an e-mail or a fax.
Would you like to talk just with us? Look at the phone numbers in the site and call us!
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